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Trai Flemon

I just wanted to take a second and talk about Trai.  He has been with us in some form or fashion since 2011.  His dedication and pursuit of excellence in his craft has been unwavering in that time frame.  He is constantly striving to make himself better both in his performance and in his ability to bring the best out of other people.  He loves CFB and what we stand for, and more importantly he loves the people that make up our community and family.  He has had an unwavering loyalty to our program, and to me as his mentor, coach, and friend.

I am so proud of the progress he’s made as an individual and as a coach and leader here at CFB.  He has stayed hungry and will continue to grow and progress, but his growth and knowledge in the past couple of years has been exponential. 

I have so much confidence in him, I have made him Director of Training here at CFB.  He is now in charge of growing all of our other coaches in their knowledge.  If you have any questions about anything feel free to talk to Trai.  I have the utmost confidence in him, and I am truly proud of the coach he has become, and I am also proud to call him my friend.

Thank you Trai for the amazing contributions you put forth at CrossFit Bartlett.  

13.2 XFit -March 16, 2013--185

5-6-13 WOD


Bench Press

1 x 5, 1 x 5+

Back Squat

2 x 5, 1 x 5+

Met Con:



Hand Stand Push Up

Ring Dips

for time