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Training Like Lebron….

So my wife thinks I’m crazy…. well most people think I’m a little crazy and I’m ok with that… that’s not the point of this blog.

The other night while watching the NCAA finals, (yes I’m an SEC guy… but I couldn’t root for Kentucky to win especially since my Gators beat them 3 times in this season and didn’t make the finals), anyway, while watching the TV a commercial came on for Powerade giving you the opportunity to take a look at Lebron James’ training for the day.  I went into a bit of a tirade and that’s why my wife thinks I’m crazy.

Why did I go into a tirade you ask?  Because, it’s always the same story….

‘I’m a highschool basketball player and Lebron James is an NBA all star, I need to follow his program to get to where he is.’

‘I want to be lean, so I’m going to follow what pro body builder (insert name here) is eating because it works for him.’

‘I’m a normal CrossFitter but I’m going to follow the training and nutrition of Rich Froning because he’s a champion.’

This is a totally understandable approach.  In all three of these cases and there are countless others, there is a fundamental flaw in this thinking though….namely they are not you.  This seems like a simple observation even silly, yet thousands of people fail to realize this everyday.  

These people are the professionals in their field at what they do.  The training stimulus or nutrition stimulus needed by these people are WAY different from the normal person working 8-5 living a busy ‘normal’ people lifestyle.  Their current goals, and current level of conditioning is also WAY different.  You do not need to train like a professional athlete unless you are one.  Did you know that Lebron basically works out, goes to treatments, meetings, watches film, practices, plays basketball, eats all the time and goes to sleep?  His entire day revolves around his training, practice, eating, recovering, and playing…. it’s what he gets paid millions to do.  Rich Froning trains, recovers, eats, and sleeps most of the day everyday……

The point is their needs are different from yours, so trying to emulate their nutrition or multiple training sessions is probably not in your best interest.  There are certain principles that hold true for most people in exercise physiology and nutrition.  Work with your coaches and buy into what they are telling you and see where that takes you.  If you are always looking for the next big thing and switching programs all the time you will slow your results.  Most coaches have a long term plan in place and if you stick with it it’ll work.  In the meantime, I’m thinking about follow Michael Phelp’s 12,000 calorie a day diet…. what do you guys think?

4-16-2014 WOD



Met Con:

Burpees x 10

Box Jumps x 10

Ring Dips x 10