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Do you trust in the program?  Are you following the program fully?  Are you taking advantage of all the program at CFB has to offer? Are you being disciplined in your choices?  Are you communicating with the coaches and following their advice?  When they tell you that you can do something on the floor even when you think you can’t do you trust the coaches and try it?

Our program is set up to get you to succeed.  All of the pieces of the puzzle are made to fit together in a comprehensive way that will get you fit.  If you trust in the program you’ll get what you desire.

Trust is a critical part of success.  Trust in the program,  trust in your coaches, trust in yourself, and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

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8/22/2014 WOD


Back Squat:

2 x 10; 1 x 10+ (burnout)

Met Con:

Sand Bag Power Clean + Front Squat x 50


400 meter run

Chin Ups x 20

4 rounds

For Time

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