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Twitterify Your Life 2-26-13

Are you familiar with twitter?  I?ve been trying to learn more and more about it lately.  I think the amazing thing about it and
the draw itself is the simplicity of it. 
140 characters is all you get. 
It?s the minimum effective dose of your writing.  There are brilliant writers who can
pare it down to a 140 characters. 
Many people get long winded (me included) in their writing, but when you
have to pair it down to 140 characters you have to be on point!      

We view the training that we do the same way.  We have 1 hour with you 2-5 times a
week.  What is the minimum
effective dose of training we can give you in order to get you results?  The programming is simple in execution,
but extremely complex in the planning and implementation.  It?s not about the quantity but the
quality of the work.

Have you ever considered Twitterifying your life?  (yes I made that up)  What can you do in your life to achieve
the minimum affective dose to get results?  Apply this approach, think about what you are doing, pair it
down to the nitty gritty and see how much more effective you can be!


2-26-13 WOD


Overhead Press Max

Met Con:

Deadlifts x 3 touch and go @ 85% of 1RM 

Hand Stand Push Ups x 5 
Burpees x 7 

AMRAP 10 minutes