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Two Weeks Left!

We have two weeks left until Mike Burgener and his crew come show us how to lift heavy! Yes I know we have been talking about it for almost a year now. You guys are probably tired of hearing it, but I am super excited and cannot wait.That’s besides the point. The reason that I really brought up Coach Burgener is to talk about learning opportunities. CrossFit incorporates so many different disciplines, it can quite literally drive you crazy sometimes. This is good for several reasons, one being that we get all the best results from the different fitness methods, and another is that we get some of the best coaches from the different fitness methods.

Within CrossFit there are power lifting coaches that can move 2600 pounds in three lifts (not someone I would pick a fight with for sure!),Olympic lifting coaches that have been and have taken several athletes to the Olympics, gymnastic coaches that can do things on their hands I can’t do on my feet (not a huge accomplishment I admit), and endurance coaches that have changed the way athletes run world-wide. It is incredible to be able to learn from all of these different experts. However, the drawback for the average CrossFitter such as myself is that it costs lots of money, or some serious CrossFit Cred to receive that kind of coaching.

If you, like myself, are neither Rich Froning nor rich period, then a certification, like the one in two weeks, is certainly a treat that comes around only once in a while. However do not think that this is the only time that you can learn more intricate details about what we do. There are an infinite number of resources on the internet, as well as in our own gym. Each of the coaches we have on staff brings some sort of specialty to the table. Angie is actually kettlebell certified. We just had a specialty course on KB’s but if you missed out and have some questions talk to her about it. Michelle runs in both senses of the word the CrossFit Endurance class. If your shins hurt every time you run ask her about it and see if she has any helpful tips (my helpful tip is just don’t run). This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our job as coaches is to make sure that you get what you need as athletes, so if you need a little bit of extra help in an area just ask! We just finished up an Olympic lifting specialty course and before that we covered KB’s, what courses would you guys like to see? Post comments below!

-Chris aka TI

One of our newest members Clem getting ready to go overhead! Click here for more pics on Flickr!