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Understanding the Consequences

As you guys know I just got back from vacation.  While traveling I held to my strict nutrition for about 2 days, after that I kind of let loose a little bit.  There were desserts around, candy on the counter, bad for you food being cooked, it was easy to get lost in it.  Then you fall victim to the attitude of, ‘Well I already messed up, why not eat this now?’  Does this sound familiar to you?  It’s really easy to fall off the wagon.  To be honest I’m a little disappointed in myself, not because I had fun but rather because of the reaction my body had….

In 1 week I gained 10lbs.  I’m sure a majority of it is water, but still it’s annoying.  I also put on 3 inches on my waste.  Again, I know that this can be some inflammation and will go back down, but still it’s annoying!  

The key is how the situation is handled, and that’s just it, it’s a situation.  I didn’t fail.  I’m not a horrible person.  I made a conscious decision.  With that conscious decision came ramifications, just like any other decision that you make.  Now I have to deal with those ramifications.  I know what I have to do, and now I have to do it.

It’s ok to cheat sometimes (unless you are doing my pipeline work, don’t cheat for the first 5 weeks!), but other then that, it’s ok to cheat sometimes.  You have to understand what the ramifications are for you.  I know that my body is highly reactive to bad food.  I know that if I decide to cheat, I will put on weight, water, fat and inflammation fairly quickly.  I also know, that my will power is depleted significantly when bad stuff is available to me.  It would’ve been much easier for me to not cheat if there wasn’t tons of chocolate bars sitting on the counter all week at my mother-in-laws house, but it was, and I made a choice.

Make your choices wisely, understand and accept the consequences and move on.  That’s the best way to approach it.


7-12-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Double Unders x 20 / Singles x 100 

 Air Squats x 10 

Kettlebell swings x 10 (heavy) 

AMRAP 12 minutes