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Upcoming Events! Crossfit in Memphis

I just wanted to take this time to announce some awesome upcoming events.

This week:

Thursday Oct. 20th at 6:30PM is our first Discover CFB Class.

This will basically be a meet and greet mixer type event where new people can meet older members, meet the staff, meet their mentors, ask questions, and learn about what we are trying to accomplish at CFB.

Saturday Oct. 22nd starting at 9:30AM will be our Personal Record Challenge.

This event will cost $10 dollars to participate. ?We will take a baseline score for the ‘Filthy 50’ work out. ?For the next 6 weeks we will train with the intent on improving our ‘Filthy 50’ score. ?In essence if your score has increased you fitness has increased. ?This is something fun to train for, the person with the most improved relative score will win a pot of money. ?There will be a scaled and a prescribed version of the workout, so everyone in the gym can participate and have the ability to win the contest.

Sunday Oct. 23rd at 3PM I will be giving an in depth nutritional lecture to kick off our ‘7 Week Shred’ competition.

This lecture will be approximately 4 hours long. ?It will begin with the basics of implementation and then go in depth of the why if you want to learn. ?The beginning is critical, but the end of the course is optional.

Monday Oct. 24th will be the kick off of our ‘7 Week Shred’ contest.

The cost of this contest is $20. ?The lecture will be free for all contest participants. ?We will be taking before pictures for every person participating. ?Every person will have to post what they are eating every day on a private facebook group. ?The CFB staff will monitor and guide throughout the event. ?At the end of the event we will take an after picture. The top 3 males and females will be picked by the staff and then the gym and participants will vote on the winners. ?The winners will win a pot of money and a newly shaped body!

Ana and JC working on box jumps! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!