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Vitamin D


Today I want to talk a bit about Vitamin D. ?For those of you that don’t know Vitamin D is pretty critical to all things health that you may be interested in……

Osteoporosis you ask? ?Most people are only concerned with Calcium intake, but there’s a second part to the equation. ?Studies have shown that if you have insufficient vitamin D it contributes to poor Calcium absorption. You can’t use what you can’t absorb.

Cancer? ?Anyone concerned with Cancer around here? ?There is strong evidence that Vitamin D plays a role in preventing colon, prostrate, and breast cancers.

Immune functions? Vitamin D has been shown to boost what’s known as Killer Cells, and helps Macrophages do their job better. ?Those are your immune cells, for you nonbiology folks.

Cardiovascular Health? Vitamin D can help reduce cardiovascular disease, and help put your cholesterol in check.

Body Composition? We all want to look better naked! Vitamin D contributes to fat metabolism, and must have good concentrations in the blood in order for those mechanisms to work right.

As you can see, Vitamin D, is pretty important for you and me! ?There’s my poet and didn’t know it moment.

According to the Doctors that I spoke with this past weekend, proper Vitamin D levels in the blood should be between 50-70?nmol/L. ?This can be checked with a simple blood test, and is included in the Panel that we recommend in our blood work consults. ?If you are interested let me know. ?If you are below these points, it is important that you get you Vitamin D levels up to optimal ranges. ?According to the doctors that I spoke with, 10,000 IU’s a day of Vitamin D3 can raise your VD levels 1 point per day. ?Once you reach optimal levels 4,000IU’s a day should be good for maintenance levels.

You can also get Vitamin D from spending time in the sun, but darker skinned people actually have a harder time producing their own VD. ?Vitamin D is found in many foods as well such as beef, eggs, deep water fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, and cod liver oil.


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