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Want to Make More Money?

Just in case you needed more reasons to focus on your health….

There was a study by Professor Vasilios Kosteas at Cleveland State University published in the Journal of Labor Research that found that people who exercise and are rated as ‘in shape’ make an average 10 percent more salary per year then people who aren’t.

Moreover, the researchers found that the more time you spend in the gym, the more money you earn.  Based on their calculations, working out three times per week increases your earning potential by 20 percent!

Translation: your health is directly related to wealth

Check out the article here in Forbes magazine


4-30-13 WOD


Beginner / Level 1

Snatch Instruction

High Hang Snatch

3 x 2

Level 2/ Level 3



4 x 1

Met Con:

Level 3/ Level 2 

Pull ups x 20 

Push Ups x 30 

Sit ups x 40 

Squats x 50 

3 rounds for time rest 1 minutes between rounds 

Level 1/ Beginner 

2 rounds for time rest 1 minute between each