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We Never Said It Was Easy…..

Is your workout program easy?  Did you know that the human body is extremely efficient and for the most part lazy? The body wants to use the least amount of effort possible to accomplish a task, so it figures out what that is, and then only expends that amount of effort.  Have you ever been to a restaurant where the glasses looked like glass but were actually plastic?  The first time you go to pick it up the glass kind of flies up because you expended more effort then necessary, aka you recruited more muscle then necessary to accomplish that task.  The next time you pick it up it’s appropriate.  The point of training is to create a stress, then when you rest, you accommodate from that stress and become more fit.  You have to engage in an activity that is a hard enough stress to cause change.  If your workout is easy, then you’re not really working out, you are just wasting some time and making yourself fill better by putting a check in your to do list for the day.  Join a program that gives you are hard enough stress to accommodate.  It should never get easier, you should just get better at handling it.  

13.1 xfit open march 09, 2013-262

4-23-13 WOD



Snatch Ins. 

Beginner/ Level 1

3 Pos. Sn 

3 x 1 

Level 2/3


70% x 3 

75% x 2 

80% x 1 

75% x 3 

80% x 2

85% x 1

Met Con:

Level 3 

DU x 10 

Sit ups x 10 

20 rounds 

Level 2 

DU x 10 / Singles x 100 

Sit ups x 10 

20 rounds for time 

Level 1/ Beginner 

Singles x 100 

Sit ups x 10 

15 rounds for time