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What Do You Focus On?

I’ve been working and writing a lot about your R.A.S.  This is your Reticular Activation System.  See this blog if you want to check out first mention.  The point is, many times you only see what you are focusing on.  

Here’s a video about some research done at Harvard that further confirms your R.A.S. 

In the experiment, they had people pass a basketball back and forth.  During the video they had a guy with a gorilla suit come into the frame for up to 9 seconds, and people completely missed it.  They were focused on counting the passes and couldn’t see a 200lb gorilla standing there.  What you focus on you will see, and what you don’t focus on you will miss.

What do you do everyday to set your brain up for success in your life?  What are you focusing on? If your goal is to lose body fat, take a post it note and write, I lost body fat easily on it.  Put them all over the house where you will see it every day.  Start your day off with something that will get your brain into body fat losing mode.  Maybe listen to 5 mins of a pod cast, or do 20 push ups.  Whatever it is, make it a routine and you will succeed.



To be Discussed in class

Met Con:

Kettle Bell Swings x 10 

 Chin Ups x 10 

 HSPU x 10 

 AMRAP 12 minutes