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What do you look like in between reps?

Here at the gym we constantly stress about technique when you’re lifting, when you are dong gymnastic movements, and when you are running or rowing. However, what we do not often address is how you look between your reps and movements in a metcon. What I’m talking about is body language. What we do day in and day out in the gym is hard. It can leave you out of breath and a burning in your legs, or your arms, or your whole body. What I see some people do during these times is bend over put their hands on their knees and rest. Don’t misunderstand me I am incredibly guilty of this, but I am working to get better at it.

It is not bad if you have to rest in a metcon but I believe that how you rest will affect the rest of your workout. Bent over with your hands on your knees and head down is not a good way to rest if you want to keep moving. There is no CrossFit movement we have ever done that has included putting your hands on your knees and looking at your feet. When you are in that position it makes it even harder to breath, as well as making it harder to run, jump, or move period. This will make it harder for you physically and mentally. If you are staring at the floor, you cannot see those around you encouraging you to keep going, or give death stares to the jump rope or barbell that is making you hurt so good. All you can see is your own inaction. At this point inertia kicks in, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

How do you solve this problem? Keep your head up! next time you notice that you are counting the dots on the floor or admiring someones shoes more than you should in a WOD, think to yourself ‘CHIN UP!’ if you can raise your chin enough to look at the wall or the ceiling you will find it easier to keep moving. As a coach I have watched many of you sweat up a storm in our cozy little box. I have noticed that when heads start dropping so do performances. I have also watched peoples whole body language change just because they kept their chin up. All of the sudden instead of looking defeated by a barbell they are ready to attack it. So remember once again if you notice mid-WOD you can see the tiny details of the black mats then get your head and keep moving! Do you often find yourself looking at the ground in a WOD? Post Comments Below!

-Chris aka TI

Kerry working on her overhead squat! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!