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What does CrossFit Kids daily program look like?

Each class time, we meet at the ‘whiteboard’ and discuss everything we are going to accomplish.At CFK Bartlett, we run a very structured program based on the following schedule:

Practice time: 10 ? 15 minutes. This time is spent working on skills such as jumping rope, hand stands, hand stand pushups, squats, etcThe kids work independently during this time, but always under my watchful eyes and direction.

Our warm ups consist of movements that stretch our muscles, increase speed, agility and coordination.

Skill: 10 minutes. After we?re all warmed up, we work on a specific movement that is programmed in their workout of the day, or we work on a movement that needs revisiting.This is a time where we focus on technique.

WOD: Most of our workouts are 10 ? 15 minutes long. We use body weight movements, cardio vascular movements and weighted movements when appropriate.

Cash Out/ Game: This is a good time for the kids to have a little fun with a game or challenge themselves in a cash out.

We discuss nutrition daily and talk about healthy choices. Our CFK’s are setting a standard for their fitness future!

Cole hanging out at CrossFit Kids!