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What Is CrossFit


Introduced to the world in 2003, CrossFit is a proven methodology that prepares people of all fitness levels to become well-rounded, extremely fit athletes ready for anything that comes their way – on their jobs, with their sports and recreational pursuits, and in their daily lives. In CrossFit we often say, ‘Prepared for the unknown, and the unknowable.’ And that’s exactly what you’ll be.


CrossFit Bartlett

  • Functional movements that carry over into your day-to-day life and activities
  • Variety of movement that keeps you challenged, engaged and generates the greatest physical and mental results
  • Scaled workouts that can be easily modified to meet the varied fitness levels, abilities, ages and sexes of the athletes completing them

Barlett CrossFit


CrossFitters complete a Workout of the Day (WOD), typically in a group or class setting. These workouts combine a variety of movements and exercises across multiple disciplines. CrossFitters lift weights, swing kettlebells, climb and jump ropes, throw weighted medicine balls, carry sandbags, push sleds, and flip tires. They run, row, jump onto boxes, and perform pulls-ups, push-ups, dips and other bodyweight and gymnastics movements. When done in a group setting, workouts are typically led by coaches who help you learn, practice and hone proper technique and form so that you can perform the movements correctly, safely and efficiently. Learn more about our coaching approach.

CrossFitters may be challenged to complete the workouts as quickly as possible (while maintaining good form), perform as many repetitions and rounds as possible in a set amount of time, set a new personal record in a lift, or some combination of the above. WODs can be short, long or somewhere in between. CrossFitters rarely perform the same workout twice, with the exception of certain benchmark workouts that allow athletes to measure and quantify their progress. See our WODs.

CrossFit workouts do include a competitive element; however, in CrossFit, we say your biggest competitor is you. CrossFitters are constantly pushing themselves to set personal records, beat their previous times, and learn new skills. It’s about continual goal-setting and self-improvement, and it’s why CrossFitters see such remarkable results so quickly.


CrossFit is scientifically based and extremely results-driven. Athletes track their workouts, times and weight loads so that they can see and measure their improvement. They are encouraged to set specific goals and work toward reaching them. Nutrition is also a key component of CrossFit. Athletes are encouraged to eat quality sources of protein, lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. CrossFit emphasizes food as fuel for performance and healthy living.

CrossFit also emphasizes education; athletes are given the coaching and tools they need to educate themselves about fitness, movements, nutrition and health. Combined, these qualities contribute to the extraordinarily high success rates of CrossFitters, from novice participants to elite athletes. Learn more about our members’ success.


CrossFit is known for its close-knit, high-energy and supportive community. Athletes compete with and push each other, while also cheering each other on and celebrating one another’s accomplishments. CrossFitters enjoy spending time together outside the gym, applying their training to all manner of activities. They work hard, but they know how to play hard too. This community is widely diverse and very welcoming.


The best way to understand what CrossFit is all about — and why it’s so popular and effective — is to experience it for yourself. Let’s chat about your goals, fill out the form and we’ll schedule a free consultation.