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What Is Genius?

Imagine how different our world would be if we cultivated people’s strengths and passions. What if instead of focusing on the math grade a child was ‘bad’ in, we focused on the music that they excelled in?

The world is littered with successful college drop out millionaires.  I’m not necessarily saying that learning isn’t important.  Heck I spent 8 years in college and I’m not a doctor…. but what I am saying is learning and pursuing something your passionate about could lead to much greater success then learning things just because you have to learn them.

I know this is little off from what I normally post, but I found this video, and thought it to be really interesting.  What do you think?




Make ups test

Met Con: 

30s work 30s rest x 5 minutes of:


Sit ups

Box Jumps

For reps

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