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What It’s All About

I received this email in my inbox the other day, and I just wanted to share it with everyone. ?I didn’t post the name because I don’t want anyone to get embarrassed. ?I do however want to take a second and recognize how awesome this is:

‘Hey ? wanted to let you know of a few moments to celebrate!? I am getting better at jumping rope ? I have been able to cut out the extra ?mini-hop?? – I know I still have a lot of improvement ? but I am so excited about that!

And, PR on bench press ? tried it again today ? haven?t done it in awhile due to my shoulder and I was able to lift 55# with no problem!? Again ? small but important!

Also ? I did all my sit-ups today without having to modify by touching feet to the wall!? That is huge!

Thanks for everything you all do to support me ? I am so excited and feel like I am moving forward each week.? The challenge has been a lot to juggle ? lots of change ? but I am so glad I am doing it and I feel like I can get even better in the coming weeks.’

When I reread this to my wife, I was actually a little misty eyed. ?I know it’s lame spare your jokes. ?I was emotional because the small victories are why we at CFB do what we do. ?Yeah it’s great to have an athlete in the CrossFit games, and it’s awesome to have someone have a 500lb back squat, but for me the true accomplishments are when someone like the person above can celebrate the victories they are having personally. ?When you come in out of shape and in a couple of months do a pull up or run a 5k those are the things I get hyped up about. ?I would take 300 of the type of person that this letter came from over one elite athlete. This letter is saved in my cheer me up folder in my inbox. ?Please celebrate the small victories. ?Don’t get caught up in frustration. ?Take little steps each day and you will go from where you are to truly amazing! ?Please send me your victories, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you guys for allowing me to do what I do, it’s truly a blessing!