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What makes a fire-breather

In the gym we all throw around the term ?fire-breather? this term is usually used to refer to someone who is putting up stellar times on the board or throwing around big weights. However I don?t think most people in the gym know what a ?fire-breather? actually is. Greg Amundson the originator of the term defines it as ?One who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit.? Nowhere in the definition is there a Fran time requirement or a crossfit total that must be reached. What makes a fire-breather is their spirit. Someone who faces a tough WOD with same tenacity and enthusiasm that they would an easy day of skill work is more of a fire-breather than someone who has a 1:19 Fran time but avoids their weaknesses. So next time you see a WOD with movements you don?t like or aren?t good at, take the fire-breather mentality and attack that WOD with all you?ve got. Who are some fire-breathers in the gym that you think go unnoticed?

-Chris AKA T.I.

Kevin killing it on box jumps! Click here to check out our Flickr Photostream!