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What’s Their Name?

Every night when I tuck my daughter into bed, we go over the 3 things she’s grateful for that day.  It’s usually how I find out about her entire day after all her stories, but ultimately she goes over her three things.  Then she asks me what mine are.

Sometimes mine are the same as hers and sometimes they aren’t.

Usually if someone joined the gym that day, I tell my daughter that I’m grateful that a new friend joined the gym.  Her next question is always the same, and it always makes me seriously think.

‘Yeah daddy, but what’s their name?’  I love this question because it’s so ingrained in our children, but we lose sight of it sometimes as we get older.  There’s such innocence and such wisdom all in that question.  This questions reminds me that in the quest of growth in our business etc., it always matters to care about each individual that joins our program.  We should know their names, and we should also know their stories.

I think that’s what sets us apart from most other fitness businesses.  We do know each person’s name.  We know what their stories are, and the most important thing of all….

we care!  We care about you, your fitness, your health, and well being.  We care about everything that affects you, and we strive to positively affect you in every way possible.

How many other businesses do that? So if you’re a part of our program, I want you to know that I’m grateful for you. My daughter and I have probably discussed you and your name, and why you’re so important to us.

If you’re not a part of our program, if you want to join we will care about you and your success, and to me that’s the difference.

 March 30th, 2015 WOD


Clean and Jerk

High Hang

Met Con:

GHD Sit ups x 50 / KTE x 50

Row Calories x 50

Double Unders x 50 / Singles x 200

Wall Balls x 50

Burpees x 50

For time

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