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What’s With the Burpees?

I’ve been getting this questions a ton lately. ?I will talk about the rest of the warm up in another post, but today I want to hit up the burpee question.

First off, burpees are an excellent cardiovascular and conditioning movement. ?There is no movement that moves your body through a greater range of motion. ?Just think about it, you move from standing all the way up to flat on your stomach on the ground.

Secondly, it’s functional. ?The need to be able to push yourself off the ground quickly can arise in life. ?In sports there are many times when you fall down on the field and you have to get back up aka burpee. ?Outside of sports, if you happen to be running from someone and needed to get off the ground quickly just burpee. Ok, ok maybe that’s a stretch.

Here’s the real reasons….

They suck. ?They are difficult to do. ?They are mentally and physically taxing. ?For those reasons, they are a goat for most people. (goats are things that people are not very good at.) ?The only way you get better at goats is practicing them. ?I would bet money that 99% of our members are not doing burpee practice during their biggest loser commercial breaks, so we are putting them into daily practice at the gym.

Most of all, we train to be fit and conditioned. ?We do a metabolic conditioning workout every day to make ourselves fit and for most people to look better naked ;). ?By doing burpees, it allows us to sneak in more conditioning volume without just killing you with another met con. ?They also don’t tax you enough to where they will negatively impact your met con work. ?I guarantee that you would be hard pressed to find someone who can do 100 burpees in five minutes that isn’t well conditioned. ?You can also rest assured that they will most likely be happy with their body composition.

How do you feel about burpees? Yay or nay? ?Post comments below

Marissa and her sis having fun during the Share the Experience Event! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!