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What’s Your Catalyst?

I have been thinking about this blog for an extremely long time. ?I run into people all the time who are unhappy with their bodies. ?They don’t like the way they look in the mirror. ?They don’t like how they feel. ?They have joint problems. ?They hurt all the time. ?They have type 2 diabetes. ?They have stomach issues. ?They have auto immune diseases. ?They have mobility issues. ?The list goes on and on and on. ?Usually when confronted with these types of people I suggest they try working on their nutrition, or come in for some training. ?I am usually met with some excuse about, ‘I can’t because I (fill in the blank here).’ ?After that, I tend to shut down. ?I’m over it. ?I’ve heard the same excuse a thousand times just in different words. ?It gets frustrating, extremely frustrating! ?99.99% of the time if a person wanted to make a change they could. ?If they really wanted to come in they could. ?If they really wanted to eat better they could. ?The reality is they choose not to. ?They may justify it with whatever helps them sleep at night, but the reality is they have made a choice. ?They can’t afford training, but they are driving an expensive car. ?They don’t have time to eat right, but they have time to watch whatever TV show of choice at night. ?It’s about priorities and choices. ?I’ve found that for the most part people give up. ?They have a shoulder surgery and they are like, ‘well my shoulder hurts now, so I can’t work out anymore.’ ?They have kids and let themselves go. ?They get depressed and eat themselves into an extra 100lbs.

Have you given up? ?At what point did you give up?

Let’s try an experiment, read this sentence and then do the action:

Get up right now and go to your bathroom. ?Go ahead, I’ll wait! ?Look into the mirror. ?Take your shirt off if it’ll help. ?Look at yourself from the front. ?Look at yourself from the side. ?Think real hard about your health. ?Are you taking pills every day for your blood pressure, or your cholesterol? Do you feel lethargic. ?Can you walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like you may pass out? ?Do your joints hurt every day you wake up? ?Can you do the things physically you’d like to do? (run a half marathon, work in the garden, white water rafting, whatever)

If the answer to these questions is negative and not positive. ?Ask yourself why? ?Then think about this….. what you are looking at in the mirror right now is the best it’s ever going to be UNLESS you make a change. ?If you continue on the same path every negative thing that I described WILL get worse. ?Your joint pain will get worse. ?You will be taking more pills. ?You will be able to do less and less. ?Trust me it only goes down hill unless you do something about it.

When people do sign up, I’ve noticed something as well. ?I’ve noticed that there is always a catalyst that got them in my doors. ?They saw a picture taken of themselves and were totally disgusted by what they saw. ?They watched the CrossFit games on ESPN and became inspired. ?They had a heart attack and almost died. ?They have been put on blood pressure meds. ?The list goes on and on. ?I ask you this, ‘why does it take something so serious?’ ?Why do you have to be near death? ?Why do you have to let it get so out of control? ?Where does it have to go before you decide to make a change?

Do you have to brush with death before you make a change? ?Do you have to let yourself go so far before you make a change? What can you use as a catalyst? ?My hope is this blog can be your catalyst! ?If not this blog use something to motivate you. ?Register for a 5K. ?Decide to hike Kilimanjaro! ?Whatever it takes. ?Just make a change! ?Get up off the couch, or get out of your routine and make a change. ?Today can be the first day of the rest of your new life! ?What’s your catalyst?