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What’s your relationship with your future?

What your relationship with your future.  Everyone thinks the future is brighter and that’s a good view of the world, but my question to you is, what is your relationship with the future?  Are you standing out non committed just hoping things will pan out?  Or are you actively working to create your future?  What does your future self look like?  Did you know that the future doesn’t exist right now? You create the future.  What you do today will shape your future.  If you have a good positive relationship with your future self, than you can have good positive things happen to you.  Decide now what your future looks like.  Be it in business, fitness, marriage, family, whatever.  Decide today what that’ll look like, and have a good nurturing relationship with that future.  Your choices today will either make it happen or not.  What are you doing today to create the future you’d like to see?  So I ask again, what is your relationship with your future? 



To be discussed in class

Met Con:

 Wall Balls x 20

 400m run 

 5 rounds for time