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What’s Your Weakness?

Do you have a weakness in the gym?  Is there a movement that you just completely struggle with?  Typically what most people do is forget about or ignore that weakness.  They tend to focus on their strengths.  They see the workout of the day include kettlebell swings and they are stoked to show up.  Then they see the workout have running or snatches in it and all of a sudden they need to run errands today instead of go to the gym.  You see one of the key points of CrossFit is that it makes you work on the things you aren’t good at.  If you only work on the things you’re good at you will not reach your goals as quickly.  You must work on the things you are bad at.  You must work on your goats.  Who’s got a goat that they have been avoiding?  Snatches?  Running?  Pull ups?  Go ahead and call them out.  Post them in the comments!  I’ll go first….

Pull ups and Snatch there I said it.  What’s yours?

PS:  Don’t forget about the WLC finale tomorrow.  9AM to workout.  11AM to eat! Everyone is invited.  The event is a pot luck non Paleo food welcome!  It should be an awesome time!

13.4 Xfit Crossfit Bartlett-102

4-12-13 WOD


Front Squat

1 x 5, 1 x 5+

Bench Press

1 x 5, 1 x 5+


Toes to bar/ Knees to elbows x 7

Double Unders x 20 / Singles x 200

10 rounds for time