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When you succeed….

One of the mental things that we go over in our World’s Best Boot Camp Program is the term, ‘When you succeed, I succeed.’  

We expect everyone to cheer each other on and make sure they finish the workout and are supported.  With that expectation it creates an enormous amount of enthusiasm, better training, and ultimately success.  

The next time you are done before someone else in class, take the lesson to heart, ‘When you succeed, I succeed,’ and cheer them on.  Don’t go and put your weights away and bolt for the door.  Help them succeed.  You’ll feel better about yourself.  They’ll feel better with someone pushing them, and we’ll all be better together!

Success breeds success.

3-5-14 WOD


Sumo Deadlift

Met Con:

HSPU x 5

Bear Crawl x 10m

AMRAP 12 minutes