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Where Are You At Revisited 2014..

Originally Posted: January 21, 2013


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We say all the time it doesn’t matter where you are right now, it only matters where you are going.  I love this picture and it sums it up nicely.  Your starting point can be today!  Whatever point you are at, get started and see where it takes you!  You’ll be surprised about where you can go!

If you’ve already started look at where your starting point was, how far have you come?

1-9-13 WOD


Musical Medballs

Met Con:

Tabata 20? of work 10? rest x 8 intervals each
person of: 

Partner 1 does 20 seconds of work rests 10
seconds then goes into their ?hold position? while Partner 2 does 20 seconds of
work and 10 seconds rest.  

for 8 intervals of work for both partners.

(Hold position bottom of squat) 

Box Jumps (Hold position top of push up) 

Sit ups (Hold Position plank position)