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Where Are Your Priorities At?

What priorities do you have in your life?  Who is your master that you serve?  For many, it’s money.  People work, and work, and work, chasing the dollar, but in essence they end of neglecting their family, their friends, their happiness, and themselves.  It’s important from time to time to sit back and take a look at where your priorities are.  Do we work so many hours because we have to?  Do we have to because we have so much ‘stuff’ to pay for?  A huge house, a nice car, expensive clothes, expensive restaurants etc., are the acquisition of these things governing your life?  If they are, that’s fine.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with driving an expensive car if that’s a priority for you.  All I’m asking is merely at what cost?  Do you work so much to pay for stuff that you can’t dedicate time to spending time with loved ones, being generally happy, and ultimately taking care of yourself?  What it boils down to is, there are extremely wealthy billionaires who are miserable, and people living in poverty that are extremely happy.  Check your priorities and decide what you want those to be….ultimately it should lead to health, wellness, and happiness.  If it doesn’t, or better yet if your priorities lead to,’If I only had a million dollars, I’d be happy,’ then maybe it’s time to reexamine your priorities.  What are the things that make you happy?  Spend 10 minutes today focusing on how you can increase those, set some goals, and then follow through.  Let me know what you came up with.

13.2 XFit -March 16, 2013--202

3-22-13 WOD


Overhead Squat
2 x 5, 5+ 

2 x 5; 1 x 5+    

Met Con:

Level 3/ Level 2

Power Clean x 2 (touch and go)

Over the bar burpees x 3

EMOM 12 minutes

Level 1/ Beginner

Hang Power Clean x 2

OTB or abmat burpees x 3/ regular burpees x 3

EMOM 12 minutes