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Where Have You Come From?..

Ok guys, the holidays are over.  It’s time to get back to the grind.  I still have a couple more blogs that I’m revisiting because I really like them, but it’s time for you to hear my current voice as well.

Something that I like to do every New Year’s is dig out my book.  Look at my records from the year before and look at how far I’ve come.  Look at your lifts January of last year, how much have you improved?  Look at your times in benchmark work outs.  Were you using a black band last January? Were you just getting into CrossFit and now you have a garage gym at your house?  It’s amazing the progress you can make in one year!  

Many times we get hung up on the minutia.  I only increased my PR from last time to this time by 5 lbs. Broaden your spectrum, how much have you increased in the last year?  I think you’ll be really surprised.  

It’s important to do this in other parts of your life as well.  Don’t get caught up in the minutia.  Broaden your spectrum and see how far you’ve come.  You may amaze yourself! 

What did you notice?  Post Comments below!


WOD 1-6-13


High Hang Snatch

5 x 3 @ 50% of your 1RM

Met Con:

OHS x 3 (Heavy) 

Box Jumps x 5 (rebound height) 

EMOM for 10 minutes 


Touch and Go clean and thruster (cluster) x 3 (same weight
as OHS) 

Box Jumps x 5 (rebound height) 

EMOM for 10 minutes 

Score is however many rounds you finished in within the time allotted.