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White Wednesday…

Today is our White Wednesday Sale.  It’s the equivalent of Black Friday for us.  These are some the deals that you can get today only?.

Shoes on sale

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By: Justin Emmons

Surviving the holidays is imperative.  We posted some tips yesterday, but we’ve taken it one step further?.

You can download our Holiday Survival Guide Here.  

Download the guide, read it through and let’s have a good holiday season!

Don’t forget to get ready for the beginning of our Body Weight Holiday Challenge.  It begins December 1st and goes all the way through the holidays. It begins with 2 burpees and increases by two burpees a day until you hit the end of the challenge.

***Tune in tomorrow for what I am thankful for as well as workouts for the week while you are off.

11-27-13 WOD


Back Squat 

3 x 1 @ 90% 

Met Con:

Partner WOD 

Deadlift  x 15-12-9-6-3 

Deadhang Pull ups x 3-6-9-12-15 

Partner 1 starts with Deadlift does 21 DL Partner 2 starts with Pull up work does 3 Pull ups. 

Then they switch to complete the round of 21 DL and 3 Pull ups.  

Partner 1 can not start on Pull ups until Partner 2 is done with them.  

In other words only one person working on that particular movement at a time.  

Continue through the WOD until both partners have completed all the work for all the rounds.