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Whole Life Challenge is upon us!

Last Day to Register is February 15!



8 Weeks to a New You

CrossFit Bartlett is one of hundreds of CrossFit Affiliates nationwide who will be participating in the challenge that is open to friends and family members of CrossFit members.

An administration fee of $45 is all that’s required of each participant. The challenge officially begins on Saturday, February 16 and concludes on Saturday, April 13. In between those dates, participants will attempt to get in the best shape of their lives, winning points along the way.

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game that asks each contestant to evaluate every aspect of their life and change the habits or add the habits they need to better their entire lives.

Each participant will be have their measurements taken and perform a baseline workout prior to the challenge’s start to help each athlete understand their starting points.

Each athlete will enhance their lives by doing daily activities, or not doing certain activities. They will log these activities online, receive points for positive behaviors and conversely points will be lost when a contestant engages in negative behaviors.

How the Challenge Works

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game designed for you to see what kind of impact you can have on your body, fitness, and lifestyle if you commit yourself to a specific structure. There are three categories for the game – Performance Results, Physical Results, and Lifestyle and Accountability. This is not just a ?change your body? challenge. It is a ?who you are? challenge! Nutrition, workouts, mobilization, supplements, daily accounting, community engagement — if you play all out you won?t believe the results you can get!


Go to the?CFB-WLC website?from now until February 15 and create your account and pay for the challenge. The fee for entering the challenge is $45


Saturday, February 16, you will participate in CrossFit Bartlett’s challenge prelims where you will be measured and do a preliminary workout, just like in a PR challenge. These measurements will be used as part of the determination of CFB winners. If you cannot make the prelims, be sure to schedule a make-up with Justin at

Prelim Schedule

Saturday, February 16, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Make-up Sessions

By appointment only and must be completed prior to Feb. 16th

*You must email Justin at confirm.

Performance Test?

As many reps as possible in 11 minutes:

Start with a 800m run, then complete

50 Sit-ups

75 Squats

100 Push-ups

As many burpees in remaining time

*Score is total reps

Clear rules?? Knowing what actions to take.

You will know exactly what to do and what not to do for 8 weeks. This game provides clear and unambiguous rules for your nutrition and daily physical requirements. You will know if you have followed the rules or not, and will notice how how well you stick to your rules (your score on the leaderboard) determines your results. Most importantly, you don?t have to be ?perfect!? By making an honest daily effort and earning bonus points, you will learn how being present and having a dedicated practice gives you the freedom to have it all – vibrant health?and a life you love to live!

Tracking and scoring?? Being present daily to the daily effectiveness of your performance.

You will track your effectiveness every day by scoring yourself on the challenge website based on how closely you followed the rules of the game. Scoring daily, you will stay present to your actions and the results you get day by day. You will see your effectiveness score every day on the leaderboard and you will have the chance to see your effectiveness increase as you train yourself.

Community?? Not doing it alone.

You will be engaged with thousands of people who are up to the same thing you are – figuring out how to make it work, succeeding step-by-step, sharing what?s working and what?s not working, and giving you the support you need to step outside your comfort zone. You will be able to see?where everyone else in the challenge is at any moment. There is nowhere on the leaderboard that is the ?winner?s zone.? Rather, it?s the place for you to track where things currently are for you. Wherever you are, you are not alone!

The Whole Life Challenge works by giving you a well-defined structure to follow, a concrete method for tracking your daily actions and results, and a community of people encouraging your success by supporting you in keeping your eye on the ball every day. Play full out and you can’t lose!


The game consists of four areas: Nutrition, Workout, Mobilization, supplementing with Fish oil.

  1. Nutrition?- No grains or starches (legumes ARE permitted), corn or soy, sugars orartificial sweeteners, juice, alcohol, dairy (butter IS permitted), artificial or processed foods. You will start every day with 5 oints for nutrition. Subtract 1 point for every violation of the nutrition rules. You can finish the day with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 points.
  2. Workout?? In this challenge you will train EVERY DAY. The minimum requirement for your workout is 10 minutes of active recovery. That means that even if you are taking a day off from intense workouts, you must still engage in at least 10 minutes of activity (e.g. jogging, skating, biking, yoga, etc). Intensity is not the goal, consistency is. You will earn 2 points for your workout each day.
  3. Mobilization?? Stretch or mobilize for 10 minutes every day. You will earn 2 points for mobilizing each day.
  4. Fish oil?? Take a fish oil or EPA/DHA omega-3 supplement every day. There is no minimum dose for omega-3 for this challenge. You may take any brand you like. Your fish oil supplement need not comply with the nutrition rules (wheat, corn, soy, artificial ingredients, etc). You will earn 1 point each for taking a fish oil supplement each day.
  5. Report Your Score?? Every day during the challenge, starting Sunday, February 17, log into the WLC website and report your score for the previous day on the worldwide scoreboard. You must log your score by 9pm. Scoring will be closed from 9pm and midnight and will re-open again at midnight. The deadlines are local to wherever a player is; they are not dependant on their home location.
  6. Challenge Finale?? Saturday, April 13. We will repeat the prelim?s measurements and workout. You will be ranked according to your improvement in both areas as a part of the determination of your overall ranking in your affiliate. If you cannot make the finals, be sure to schedule a make-up with Justin.
  7. Bonus Points -?You will have the chance to earn 1 point each day in lifestyle practices like consistency, sleep, water, and mindfulness in a rotating category. That means that for 2 weeks at a time you will have a final ‘yes or no’ question to answer on you check in page (don’t worry, they will warn you of the rotation in advance!) Every 2 weeks, you will complete tracking one of the 4 practices and the rule will rotate to something else.
  8. Winners?? Winners will be determined at each CrossFit gym. You will only be competing against the members of CFB. Your improvement rankings will be combined with your ranking on the scoreboard to determine the final winners. Number of winners and prizes will be determined by your affiliate.?You must choose ‘PRESCRIBED’ in each category to be eligible for prizes!


Whole Life Challenge Home Page


Nutrition – 5 points available daily

Read the nutrition rules here

Workout – 2 point available daily

Read the workout rules here

Mobilization – 2 point available daily

Read mobilization rules here

Omega 3/Fish oil – 1 point available daily

Read fish oil rules here


You must enter your score?for the previous day?by 9pm.?If you fail to log your score in by the deadline, you will receive 0 points for that day.

  • Maximum points for each day is 11 (5 for nutrition, 2 for workout, 2 for mobilization, 1 for fish oil, and 1 for bonus points).
  • You will perform a baseline workout and record baseline body measurements. These will be repeated on the finals day and your improvement will be ranked among other participants in your box.
  • The game starts on Saturday, February 16 with your prelims event. Your first score will be logged in on Sunday, February 17. Deadline will be announced.

Bonus Points

  • You can earn up to 7 bonus points each week

    • Weekly Challenges?- You will be able to earn 1 point each day in lifestyle practices like consistency, sleep, water, and mindfulness. The weekly categories will change and you will be notified when they do.
  • No score on the leaderboard can exceed a perfect score (i.e., the highest score available on day 10 is 100 points)
  • Bonus points will be applied to your overall total if you have lost points during the challenge, and will be ?banked? for you if you already have or attain a perfect score after the application of bonus points.
  • Banked points can be ?spent? anytime you choose during the challenge. They will allow you to break the rules of the challenge in small ways and keep your score on the leaderboard competitive.


The winner will be determined by a combined ranking in your ?accountability? (leaderboard) ranking, your ranking in workout improvement, and your ranking in body measurement improvement. All rankings will be only among members (not friends and family players) of CrossFit Bartlett.

Family & Friends

Family & Friends of CrossFit Bartlett members will also have a chance at winning prizes! Check the PRIZES section below to learn more!


From February 16 to April 13, CrossFit Bartlett members who sign up for The Whole Life Challenge will begin to change every aspect of their life to complete a whole-life transformation. They will eat healthier foods, exercise daily, do daily mobility exercises to increase their flexibility, take fish oil daily and set goals of getting enough rest and sleep. The goal is to add the habits that will?effect change for the better and remove the habits that have kept them from becoming the person they want to be.?At the end of 8 Weeks, those that are dedicated to making changes will see considerable results that will no longer be hard for them; they?ve made new habits that will make them stronger, faster and healthier people.

During those 8 Weeks, CrossFit Bartlett is hosting weekly events and challenges to help bolster camaraderie and build a support group for those of you that are participating. We believe that hard work should always be rewarded with rest, fun and leisure and the best way to practice what we preach is to organize the fun. The following extra curricular events have been scheduled during The Whole Life Challenge and is part of your enrollment!

Event Schedule:

(Coming Soon)


Entry for these events are limited to Whole Life Challenge Participants only and if you know how much CFB parties and get-togethers are, then you?ll know the price of admission is totally worth all the fun we?re going to have for 8 straight weeks!


For the first time ever, CrossFit Bartlett is partnering with some local and CrossFit businesses to offer incentives to the winners of The Whole Life Challenge. A portion of everyone?s sign-up fee will go towards CASH so the more people that sign up, the larger the cash prizes.

First Place –

  • One, 6 month, Complimentary Gold Package Membership at CrossFit Bartlett
  • CASH and or Prizes!

Second Place

  • CASH and or Prizes!

Third Place

  • CASH and or Prizes!

*Additional prizes will be announced later.

Friends & Family Can Win Too!

Remember: the more people that sign up, the larger the cash prizes will be so, get your friends and family to sign up as well! They DON?T have to be members to sign up for the challenge. Non-CFB members will be placed into a raffle and will get a chance to win complimentary memberships at CFB. Each place wins ONE, Month-Long Complimentary Beginner?s Membership at:


  • 3 Days a Week!


  • 2 Days a Week!


  • 1 Day a Week!