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Whole Life Challenge revisited

I’ve been asked a bunch of questions about the specifics of the Whole Life Challenge, so I’m reposting an earlier post.

The 8-week health & fitness challenged designed to turn you into a diggin? deep, nose-to-the-grindstone, what are you made of, no-crying-in-CrossFit, swinging for the fences; master of your physical and mental destiny!

The winner will succeed in 3 areas:

Performance: Improve your work, improve your play!

There will be a preliminary workout March 31st to get a baseline, and a Post Challenge retest to evaluate performance improvement.

Body composition: Get lean and mean! ?Crack the code on having a huge impact on your body!

We will take measurements before and after to see relative body change.

Accountability: It’s not enough to be the best, you have to do the work. ?Playing the game consistently is the only way to win! ?Mobility, workouts, nutrition, your daily choices can make or break your results!

Each day you will get an accountability score based off of things like nutrition, fish oil, sleep etc. ?This will be 50% of your score.

Each person will be part of a team and there will be a winning team also named.

Please email me at if you want more information.

This challenge is open to members and non members!

The bonuses:

Access to the Hit The Ground Running Seminar

Private Blog access

Daily nutrition check ins

Before and after measurements and pictures

One extra class a week

Access to all the WLC events

Discounted blood work and DEXA scans

Mobility Seminar and evaluations by Cole Pain Therapy group

A post challenge event and party!

Most Importantly you will improve and give yourself a healthier lifestyle!

We are excited about giving you the opportunity be more awesome!

Click here to register!