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Whole Life Challenge Winners!

This past weekend we had the Whole Life Challenge Finale!  After 8 long weeks of focusing on nutrition and health, the winners came out victorious!  The scores were composed of 50% accountability (nutrition and doing healthy things that were required daily), 25% loss of inches, and 25% performance increase.

As you can see, this challenge was written to fully encompass health.  We are very proud of every participant and the hard work and results they achieved.  


The winners of the WLC are as follows:

3rd Place Family and Friends Category was

Nichole Roberts

She wins a 1 month 1 x a week membership to CFB!

She had a 19 rep change in her workout and a 7.5 inch change in her body measurements!

2nd Place Family and Friends Category was

Dillon Lane

He wins a 1 month 2 x a week membership to CFB!

He had a 30 rep change in his workout and a 9 inch change in his measurements!

1st Place Family and Friends Category was

Taylor Lane

She wins 1 month 3 x a week membership to CFB!

She had a 71 rep increase in her performance and 3.5 inch change in her measurements!

In the member category

3rd Place Member Category

Cathy Rose

She wins 1 x $100 Gift Card and 1 bottle of fish oil

She achieved a 20 rep increase in her workout and 6.75 inches of change in her measurements!

2nd Place Member Category

Ashlie Ingram

She wins 2 x $100 Gift Card and 1 bottle of fish oil and 1 bottle of greens

She reached a 40 rep PR in her workout and a 6.5 inch change in body measurements.

1st Place Member Category and Overall winner of the Whole Life Challenge!

Debra Lane!!

She wins a 6 month unlimited contract.  A $1,560 value!!

She also wins 2 greens, and 2 fish oils!

She achieved a 37 rep change in her performance and a 7.75 inch change in her body composition.

Last but not least the Spirit of the Games Award goes to:

Tina Lewis!!

She wins $100 gift card to CFB!

She had a 26 rep increase in her workout, and a 4.5 inch loss overall.

Congratulations to all of our winners!!  I am so proud of each and every one of you!  Thank you for making this an amazing Whole Life Challenge!

Also, a huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors:

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4-16-13 WOD



Snatch Instruction

Level 1

High Hang Snatch 

3 x 1

Level 2/ Level 3


(70% x 1

75% x 1

80% x 1) x 3

Clean Deadlift

100% + 20lbs x 3

Met Con:

Burpees x 7 

100m run 

rest 1 minute 

8 rounds for time