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Whole Life Challenge…

Have you changed or upgraded your life in the past two months? ?The people who took the Whole Life Challenge seriously did! ?In the beginning we started with 71 people. ?As many found it, it’s not easy to maintain discipline, but for the ones who stuck it out, everyone got results!

Brandon George was the winner for the men some of his highlights include:

28.75 total inches lost! ?That’s an amazing transformation in 56 days!

He also improved his performance by two rounds on his workout!

Ashley Ingram was the winner for the females. ?Her stats include:

17.75 inches of total loss! ?That is fantastic results for a female. ?(females tend to struggle more then men with quick results)

She also improved her performance by 1 round.

Some other highlights of the competition included:

Andrea Williams and Kiley Butler who both lost 17.25 and 15.25 inches respectively! ?The impressive thing about these two is they are not members and did not train with us consistently. ?They followed the guidelines of the nutrition and did some exercise at their house.

People this stuff works! ?I am so proud of our WLC participants and I am looking forward to see what a game changer it can be in the future. ?The next one is in February, so get ready!!