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Why Drafting Works….

In auto racing cars pull up behind other cars and do what’s called drafting behind them.  It makes it easier for the second car that is doing the drafting and actually harder for the lead car because they are sharing the load of the car behind them.

This concept is used in all different types of sporting events.  It’s really big in bike racing for example.

Sure there are aerodynamic reasons why this works in sports, but there’s also a psychological reason.

When you are right behind someone, mentally you have proof directly in front of you that you can go faster.  You can work harder and stay with the guy/gal that’s right there.

We do this all the time subconsciously.  Many times we coast right behind someone at work doing enough to stay right there with them.  Never wanting to be in the lead.  We draft with our peers staying right there beside them.  If they do something we want to do it a little bit better.

How does this help you?  Find someone in the gym to draft off.  Even if they aren’t in your class you can still psychologically draft off of them.  I have certain people in the gym that I look at their scores.  I know what can be done and I try to top it.  It allows me to mentally push myself harder then if I were by myself.  If I’m in a class I pick someone to draft off of and try to push to at least hang with them if not beat them in the workout.

Drafting works.  It’ll make you better.  It’s one of the primary benefits of our program.

Have you ever thought about this?  Who do you draft off of?



Front Squat

2 x 5; 1 x 5+


Met Con:

400m run

Thrusters (Fran weight) x 21

Ring Dips x 21

400m run

Thrusters x 15

Ring Dips x 15

400m run

Thrusters x 9

Ring dips x 9




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