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Why Everyone Should Do The Open This Year Crossfit in Memphis

The CrossFit Games Open is coming up Feb. 26th. The Open is the first step into the CrossFit Games.  I’ve explained it before here: What I’m writing about is why everyone should do it.  Yes I know you may not be able to do the workouts as prescribed.  It’s ok.  I know you’ve only been CrossFitting 4 days.  It’s ok.  I know you (insert excuse here). Here’s the deal guys.  The Open is amazing.  It’s an opportunity for you to put yourself in an athletic event.  Let me ask you?. When was the last time someone cheered for you?  Think back really really hard.  Was it your high school graduation?  Was that the last time you felt accomplished for completing something and someone was cheering you on?  Let’s not go into how long ago that was, but for most, it’s been a long time. The Open gives you the opportunity to do something athletic.  It gives you the opportunity to be pushed better than you thought possible.  It gives you the opportunity to successfully go at something and have people cheer and push you on.  It’s a fantastic opportunity. Here’s another question for you.  When you watch a sporting event like the Olympics, how many of you have actually done the sport?  Probably not many.  Besides the few that played high school football, there aren’t many of you out there who can watch an athletic event and have a deeper appreciation for the athleticism because you haven’t competed in that sport. We have the CrossFit Games, and what’s really amazing is we get to basically compete standing next to the best in the world at the sport via the online format.  After doing a workout and then watching Rich Fronning do the same thing I just did and lap me by 20 rounds, it’s really neat to have that much of a different respect for the athlete, because I know what it felt like to do it. It’s the pinnacle of what we are doing.  We are going to do the workouts at the gym regardless, so you might as well register and see how you do.  It’s a really great time, and it just makes sense.  We are putting together a team.  It’s a lot of fun.  We will have events.  It’s going to be great.  You won’t regret it. Click here to register! 2/17/2015 WOD Strength: BenchPress Snatch Balance Met Con: Bench Press x 6 (body weight) 250m row Bench Press x 5 250m row Bench Press x 4 250m row Bench Press x 3 250m row Bench Press x 2 250m row Bench Press x 1 250m row Push Ups x 15 250m row Push Ups x 9 250m row


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