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Why The Boot Camp Is So Important To Me….

We believe that CrossFit is the number 1 way to achieve the quickest results.  That’s where we start.  We adjust things accordingly based off of their goals, but our basic template is CrossFit.  If you’re reading this blog you probably get that, and are most likely a believer in the same philosophy.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there that for one reason or another do not think the same way.  That’s ok.  It’s ok for not everyone to think the same that we do.  Here’s the ultimate goal though, and the reason WHY at least I got into what I want to do.  I want to help people achieve THEIR fitness goals.  I want to reach as many people as possible and create positive change in their life…..

IF they have a negative connotation of CrossFit and never walk through our doors then we have lost that opportunity.  Tons of people think that CrossFit is too hard for them.  We tell them that here at CFB we adjust the workouts and anyone can do it, but it doesn’t matter… they’ve seen the CrossFit Games on TV and there is no way in hell they will ever set foot in our doors.  That makes me sad.  I know our program could help them, but they know better right?  They know that they can’t do it, or at least that’s what they believe.  

Enter World’s Best Boot Camp.  This has allowed us to reach a group of people who didn’t think they could do CrossFit or for some anything remotely athletic.  5 weeks ago there is no way in hell they would’ve ever considered themselves able to flip a tire or pick up a sand bag.  The boot camp allowed us to reach these people.  Many of them are spouses or friends with you guys, the CrossFitters.  All they need is an avenue to be shown what they can achieve, and WE can achieve our goals of bettering their lives.

Here’s what one boot camper had to say after week 3:

‘The countdown to the first class was not one of eager anticipation, but total fear. I am not a competitive person, and didn’t feel a real need to work out (carting kids around all day is a workout in itself I thought), so I started doubting the whole thing, right up to my drive in to the first class. 

Then, I walk in and meet so many wonderful, down-to-earth ‘real’ people, from all walks of life who were also terrified… and suddenly I knew I was right where I needed to be. I was so happy to be surrounded by others who were also full of doubt but wanted change. Wanted to be something more and do something for themselves. 

I realized that’s what this would become for me – something I would do for ME. No one else. Since day one, I have definitely noticed I have more energy! My muscles are engaged throughout the day… I feel my abs when I sit up, my legs when I climb stairs and my arms when I lift the kiddos – hello muscles! It’s so nice to feel you. I always knew you were in there somewhere! I am putting on muscle weight and things seem firmer. And my posture is improving – I walk and sit taller. 

My kids enjoy doing the homework exercises with me, and I always wonder what seeds I am planting in them… Good stuff!The one thing I once dreaded is now the one thing I look forward to – being a part of an exceptional community who is striving to feel, look, and just BE better…I’m so grateful for the coaches and the entire CrossFit program. It truly is life changing and I can’t wait to see where it will lead.’

That’s what it’s all about, and that’s why we do it.  If you know someone right for this please spread the word.  For most people this will be a life changing experience, and will get them mentally ready for CrossFit.

4-3-2014 WOD


Make Up

Met Con:

Push Up x 10

Mountain Climbers x30

AMRAP 12 minutes