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WOD 1-2-13



Pull ups x5

Push up x 10

Air squats x 15

AMRAP 20 min

Home workout:

Workout: ‘The Vortex’


Breakdown😕 With a continuously running stopwatch, run 1.5 miles.? At each minute mark, alternate between 10 jumping lunges (one rep is both left and right) and 10 push ups (so at minute 1, do 10 jumping lunges, minute 2, 10 push ups, etc). Continue in this fashion until either you have finished 1.5 miles, or you get ‘Vortexed’ (have no time to run after finishing your lunges or push ups).

If you finish, your time is your score. If you get Vortexed, your time at the Vortex and your distance completed is your score.



Standards: 1.5 miles, see pushups and lunge standards above


Scale: 1 mile, 5 jumping lunges and 5 pushups.


Make it more challenging😕 Vortex +1 or +2?? do 11 jumping lunges and 11 pushups or 12 and 12.