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WOD 12-28-12


pull ups x 12

sit ups x 15

kb swing (russian) x 8

4 rounds for time

Home workout:

Workout: 10 rounds of 30 second hold of handstands, V- up, squat.


Breakdown: Using a continuously running clock, do 30 seconds in a handstand hold, then 30 seconds in a V-up, then 30 seconds in a squat. Attempt to do all 30 second periods unbroken and transition as quickly as possible from one movement to the next. Use something to keep track of your rounds, like a piece of paper and a pen. This workout will take 15 minutes total to accomplish.


Standards: Handstands ? inverted with feet against the wall, hands firmly planted on the ground just outside shoulder width. V-ups ? sitting on the ground, balance on your butt (legs extended and off the ground, upper body also off the ground), midsection tight. Squat ? crease of hips must be below the level of knees.


Scale: Handstands ? invert yourself as much as possible. This could be a yoga headstand hold or a steep incline pushup position. V-ups ? engage your midsection, this could be done with legs extended and arms reaching up as far as possible forcing your shoulder blades off the ground. Squat ? if you?re limited by flexibility squat to a chair with your butt barely touching.


Make it more challenging: Start and stop the clock at each movement to get a full :30 seconds of work and the only ?rest? is the time it takes to move to the next movement.