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You Never Know Who’s Watching, revisited – Crossfit in Memphis

Originally Posted September 16th 2014 I posted this video on Facebook the other day because I was so humbled by the experience. I was doing the Push Up Pimp program from our World’s Best Boot Camp, and when I turned around, I saw both of my kids mimicking me and doing push ups. I was really blown away because I started thinking about the huge opportunity that we are presented with being a member or staff at CrossFit Bartlett.  Just by talking about what we do, showing pictures, and living our lives, we may have others watching who secretly want to do the same thing. Maybe they’re scared.  Maybe they don’t think they can do it.  Maybe they think they need to be in better shape.  The great thing about children that are my kid’s ages is that they haven’t learned how to listen to their ego or be self conscious.  They just do.  They just live life.  BUT they are always watching.  I think it’s really awesome that by me walking the walk, and living my life, I get to be a positive influence on them. I’m by no means trying to toot my own horn and  say look at me I’m awesome.  What I am trying to say is that YOU have the same opportunity!  Live your life, and set the example.  Put up pictures.  Talk about it and spread the word. You never know who is watching what you’re doing.  You never know who may be inspired by what’s going on in your life.  Walk the walk, and you can be the beacon of light for someone else.  You can be their inspiration. By the way, if you really love what we do, the best thing you can do is refer your friends.  Bring them to a class to check it out, or let them know we’re offering a first time at CFB 1 month unlimited trial for only $99. So your friends that may be watching you, spread the word, who knows they may actually show up. You can literally change someone’s life for the better!  How’s that for awesome?

  12/24/14 WOD   Mountain Climbers x 20 (one leg equals one rep)   Push Ups x 20   Plank x 1 minute (from the push up position/not the elbows and forearms)   5 rounds for time


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