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You Time….

How much time every day do you spend focused on doing something that you love?

I’m not talking about watching TV, or surfing Facebook.  I’m talking about spending quality time enjoying life.

We are all guilty of the thought process of, ‘I’m going to work hard today, so that I can do something that I love (insert time frame here, this weekend, next month, next year, when I retire).’

Most of us don’t want to think about our own mortality, but the truth is you never know.  You could get hit by a bus tomorrow.  Did you do something that day that brought you joy?

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, but in reality the whirlwind many times distracts us from the joys of life.

Let’s set aside some you time daily.  What are you going to do today that brings you joy?

9/3/2014 WOD



2 x 5; 1 x 5+

Met Con:

Pull ups x 5

Push Ups x 10

KB Swings x 15

AMRAP 15 minutes


9/3/2014 Bells & Balls



3 x 5; 1 x 5+ (last set is a burnout)

Met Con:

Pull Ups x 5

Push Ups x 10

KB Swings x 15

AMRAP 15 Minutes (continuous movement is the goal)

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