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You vs You!

The group atmosphere at CFB is meant to be a positive thing. ?Being in a group makes you work harder. ?It makes you psychologically feel better suffering in a group. It also makes you feel good when someone is cheering you on. ?I know I work better when I hear someone in the background say, ‘Come on Justin, you can do it.’ ?Then I actually believe that I can do it! ?The goal is to make it a positive experience.

Sometimes you can make it negative. ?This happens when you start comparing yourself to someone else in a bad way. ?For example, ‘I’ve been here 2 months and Suzy Q has been here a week and can do more weight then me.’ ?Then you begin to think, ‘whoa is me! ?I suck. ?I’m a horrible person. ?blah blah blah.’ ?When in actuality that’s not the case. ?The truth of the matter is, Suzy Q is where she is, and you are where you are. ?Everyone has different backgrounds, different genetic make ups, different strengths, different weaknesses, the list goes on and on. ?The truth is, Suzy has her own struggles they are just different from yours.

If I took two people and started them at the exact same time, on the exact same schedule, diet, sleep pattern etc, one may progress faster then the other. ?Why? ?Because, these two people are not the same. ?Maybe one person took gymnastics as a kid and has a better awareness of their body. ?Maybe one has a different make up of muscle fiber. ?The list goes on and on. ?Why else do you think a drug can cure 100 people but in the trials kill 3? ?Every person is different! ?The minuscule differences between people make an enormous difference in their abilities.

That’s fine! ?It’s ok, because CFB is not about you vs another person. ?Sure it’s positive to use another person to push you and make you better, but ultimately it’s about you vs you. ?How far have you come? ?Why do you think we make you journal? ?To see where you’ve come from, duh! ?That’s why we call them personal records. ?Pay attention to how far you’ve come and do not be discouraged by other people. ?Be inspired. ?That’s the point.

Go set a PR today!

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