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Your Cheering Section….

At CFB we strive to breed a fun and supportive environment where we all genuinely care about each other’s well being.  We feel very strongly that when one person succeeds we all succeed.  Now I understand an extenuating circumstance….

BUT barring that once every couple of months occurrence, if you finish a workout before someone else, it’s your right, privilege, and ultimately your responsibility to cheer the people on that are still going.  This may seem like a trivial thing, but in actuality it’s an integral part of CrossFit and more importantly critical for your success.  It’s impossible not to feel impassioned and motivated when you are cheering on someone else, or when you are being cheered.  This is something different that doesn’t exist in any other arena.  Even in the CrossFit Games when athletes finish before the other athletes, they go and cheer the other athletes on.  These are competitors they are fighting to essentially beat each other, but they still find it in themselves (after doing some of the hardest workouts on earth) to go and clap and cheer the other people on…

It’s what separates us from other genres…. we care for each other, and we’ll be making a strong push for this in class.

03-31-2014 WOD



Met Con:

400 meter run

500 meter row

30 double unders

3 rounds for time