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Your Most Important Client

I had an interesting conversation with a business person the other day.  We were talking about doing our program and his response was that I don’t have time to do any work outs right now.

We were talking about business in general so I asked him what his most lucrative client was worth to him?  How much money had that biggest client ever made him over the life time of the arrangements?  1 Million?  2 Million?

Then I asked him if that client absolutely needed to meet him 3 times this week at 9AM to work on a deal would he make time for him?  Of course he would make time to meet with a client that has made you over 1 Million dollars.

Well my next point was this, the most lucrative and profitable client he has is himself.  Without his body running correctly, the mind firing on all cylinders, and the health being in order there would be nobody there to meet with million dollar clients.

So my question is this, if you can make time to meet with that special client, can’t you make time to meet with yourself?

Do you make time to meet with yourself every week? Or do you let other things get in the way?

March 17th, 2015 WOD


Back Squat

Met Con:

KB Swing x 15

Pull ups x 10

Toes to bar/ KTE x 5

AMRAP 12 minutes

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