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Your R.A.S.

The research is clear.  If you start your day off focusing on certain things you will only see those things.  Think it’s BS?  Try this?

Spend 10 seconds sitting right where you’re at and look for and count everything brown in the room.  3?2?.1?go!

Now as soon as that’s over, don’t look up but name how many things in the room were purple?..

I bet you didn’t get many.  Why?  Because you were focused on the brown things.  Your brain only focuses on things you want to focus on.  If you want to set yourself up for a successful day, focus on something first thing in the morning that will lead you towards that success.  I start my day off with some reading, or listening to a podcast on something that I want to be better at.

If you start your day off with the Memphis news or your email, you may be setting yourself up for negativity all day.  What can you instill in your morning to set yourself up for success?  Have any of you tried this?



To be discussed in class:

Met Con:

 Double Unders x 10 seconds or singles score is divided by 10

10 second rest

 Box Jumps x 10 seconds

 10 second rest

 Burpees x 10 seconds

 10 second rest

 10 rounds for reps

 rest 2 minutes 


 1 K row for time